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Summit Ordering Systems' newest product — RV Invoice Writer (RV 4000) — is a Point-of-Sale software program specifically designed for the Recreational Vehicle service industry.

Summit has been in business since 1983 and we're best known for our Master Repair POS software for the automotive service industry. We're also recognized for our work within the RV industry in developing RVWARE, a Windows based multi-user POS system. And for DATASMART in 1990, which was a DOS based multi-user POS system developed for StagParkway. RVWARE and DATASMART were in partnership with Hansen Systems.

With our focus on the RV service industry, we aim to provide quality services for both small and large businesses. RV Invoice Writer features unique standalone modules that provide your business with plenty of flexibility.

Let us customize a system that's right for you

Key Product Features

  • User friendly and customizable software
  • Detailed inventory control includes purchase orders, special sale events and on-season / off-season ordering levels. BAR code reader and writer-ready
  • Affordable pricing
  • Link stored photographs and diagrams--to parts, work orders and vehicles
  • Single-user, local area network and remote server functionality
  • Pre-inspection sheets for all vehicles / coaches
  • Text messaging available within work orders
  • Management system for Rolling Inventory (sales of trailers, coaches and other large items)
  • Over-the-counter part sales processing
  • Multi-language compatible-English, Spanish, French, Italian and German with customizable options
  • Multiple-store locations--share a database within multiple geographical locations
  • PDF capabilities throughout the system
  • Import and access catalogs from national part distributors such as NTP, StagParkway, Coast, Aim, Camco, Care Free, Pantera, Dometic and more

What Can RV Invoice Writer do for you?

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  • Generate your Work Orders, Free Estimates & Counter Parts Sales

    • Generate Work Orders, Free Estimates and Counter Parts Sales. Easily review, modify, print and store all data input. RV 4000 calculates ongoing sale amounts and continuously monitors your ongoing costs. A warning displays if the percentage of the cost vs. the sale falls outside your set parameters.

  • Add flexibility to your sales transactions

    • Add flexibility to your sales transactions. When working with estimates and work orders, remove items from the labor and parts screen and display pricing without removing work that's been entered into your original document. Add and remove line items as needed while displaying the invoice cost to a customer. This is helpful if the customer is 'shopping' the work or has limited funds. All line items will display after selecting reset.

  • Create worksheets

    • Create worksheets in no time flat. Choose from the provided formats. Categories include general service and tire estimates. Also use for storing technician and customer notes.

  • Find important information quickly

    • Find important information quickly. RV4000 features extensive customer history search functionality. Search by all posted sales, customer name, business name, license plate, sale number, telephone number, customer account number, VIN number, unit or coach number, vehicle, coach make and more.

  • Retain detailed account information

    • Retain detailed account information. RV 4000 stores detailed information about each customer, vendor, employee or other type of contact. Functionality supports standard information, plus multiple vehicles/coaches, multiple telephone numbers, last activity, active status, extended details and special notes. For companies operating multiple locations, records can be associated with a particular location. Also, they can be updated "on the fly" from other areas of the system such as Invoicing.

  • Maintain complete inventory control

    • Maintain complete inventory control with the Stock Room module. Track bar codes, manufacturers and detailed parts information, history, specifications, alternate part numbers, notes and more. Add, change and delete inventory part information. House Vendor Matrices, Alternate Part Numbers, Price and Cost updates, Reset year-to-date totals, Purchase Orders, Quick Receive, Off and On Season, and Special Offer Events. Stay updated by generating inventory reports for an at-a-glance view of your operations.

  • Track critical company information

    • Track critical company information by generating a variety of reports to help your business run smoothly-Records and Vehicle reports, Sales Summary/Detail report, Stock Room reports which include: Cost variance after a catalog import, Parts that have been discontinued, Complete inventory listing, Alternate part listing, Short part listing (stock below the minimum level) adjusting for the on and off season, Slow moving part listing, Accounting reports, Technician Reports and more.

  • View store history and account data easily

    • The Accounting modules store history and account data (Account Receivable and Payable). RV 4000 can be linked to outside accounting systems: QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise, Essential and to Account Edge formerly known as MYOB.

  • Track and recommend future service offerings

    • Track and recommend future service and declined services by retaining that information within a customer's estimate or invoice. This data will display upon next visit. Run tracking reports and use the data to increase sales by emailing or calling customers to encourage future appointments to complete recommended services.

  • Communicate through text messaging

    • Communicate through text messaging with the click of a button. This feature is built into the work order, and makes it easy for the service writer to quickly notify the customer of any changes in progress, estimate updates and receive quick approval on final costs.